Progress! (not Perfection)

We all set lofty high goals...which is great!  The problem comes when we feel like we've failed.  Sometimes we need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.  Have you really failed?  Are you closer to your goal than you were before?  Are you measuring the right things to consider your successes?  We need to give ourselves more credit!!  We are making changes and changes are hard.  The most important thing is that we are still moving toward our goals!  Just keep swimming!  :D

It's Not Always What You See

I love this pic for so many reasons.  :)  How many of us do this? (My hand is in the air!)  So often we compare or (even worse) measure our success by others "success".

What is the definition of success?
a : degree or measure of succeeding
b : favorable or desired outcome;

  Don't measure your success by comparing yourself to somebody else.   You are you.  Your success is your success.  

Also, realize that sometimes you are succeeding without realizing it.  Your successes can show differently than others.  Through the years I have tried so many different things to lose weight.  I exercised, I ate healthier, I "cleansed", etc.  I never really recognized that I had in fact succeeded.  I had gotten healthier.  My asmtha was a distant friend instead of a daily neighbor.  My body was getting better nutrients that it ever did before.  I was more mindful of my choices.  I may not have at first obtained my original goal of being at a healthy weight, but there was definitely success.  All those successes (that were hidden) are what lead to my recent success that is leading directly to accomplishing that lofty goal I had set so many years ago.

Be kind to yourself.  Recognize your successes.  Don't compare yourself.  If you are moving forward, you are succeeding.  Period.  

Physical vs. Emotional

In the past, one of my biggest challenges has been overcoming emotional hunger.  Sometimes (oh, let's face it... almost always) it's hard to realize that you are simply emotionally hungry rather than physically hungry.  The trick I've found is to ponder the situation at hand and understand the real difference between the two:
Once we understand the difference between the two, we can start making progress.  

The bigger progress is made when we not only understand and can recognize the difference, but take ACTION when we recognize.  One phrase that has helped me immensely: "Don't sacrifice what is most important for what you want now." and "Make the choice that supports your most important desire."  Oftentimes, what we want "now" will disrupt, delay, or halt our real goal.  It is a continual process of asking yourself, "What do I want more?  Do I want to binge (and feel sick after)?  Or do I want to be a healthier me and accomplish my real goal?".  

This where the empowerment comes in.  I love the feeling of walking away from a situation (food) knowing that in the past I would have thrown all of my internal future goals out the window and eaten whatever I desired at that moment.  What an amazing feeling!!  I can't say that I have mastered this by any means, but I am definitely leaps and bounds closer.  :)   

I Can't Believe It's Not Breadsticks!

When I first started took on the challenge of eating six small meals a day with one of them being my "Lean & Green", I ate a lot of chicken and salad.  Which soon became very boring (and non-sustainable).  THEN...I discovered .... amaaaazing!  Seriously, this lady is a miracle worker and much of the reason I have been successful.  I learned that there are a huge amount of options and small changes that I can make to eat healthy and balance meals.  (Did you know that non-fat greek yogurt can be substituted for sour cream?! yum!)  

Anywho, one of my favorites is the "Cauliflower Breadsticks"
(yes, cauliflower!)  Try them!

I HIGHLY recommend SandysKitchen.  Explore.  Find a few recipes you'd like to try.  Write down the ingredients and go shopping.  It will help you to stay on plan, feel satisfied, and save money by not "grabbing" something because you don't have anything at home.  It will also save you from the dreaded daily chicken salad.  I've loved feeling like I can cook healthy AND delicious food.  Satisfying in so many ways... especially the whole dropping scale thing.  :D