It's Not Always What You See

I love this pic for so many reasons.  :)  How many of us do this? (My hand is in the air!)  So often we compare or (even worse) measure our success by others "success".

What is the definition of success?
a : degree or measure of succeeding
b : favorable or desired outcome;

  Don't measure your success by comparing yourself to somebody else.   You are you.  Your success is your success.  

Also, realize that sometimes you are succeeding without realizing it.  Your successes can show differently than others.  Through the years I have tried so many different things to lose weight.  I exercised, I ate healthier, I "cleansed", etc.  I never really recognized that I had in fact succeeded.  I had gotten healthier.  My asmtha was a distant friend instead of a daily neighbor.  My body was getting better nutrients that it ever did before.  I was more mindful of my choices.  I may not have at first obtained my original goal of being at a healthy weight, but there was definitely success.  All those successes (that were hidden) are what lead to my recent success that is leading directly to accomplishing that lofty goal I had set so many years ago.

Be kind to yourself.  Recognize your successes.  Don't compare yourself.  If you are moving forward, you are succeeding.  Period.  

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