Physical vs. Emotional

In the past, one of my biggest challenges has been overcoming emotional hunger.  Sometimes (oh, let's face it... almost always) it's hard to realize that you are simply emotionally hungry rather than physically hungry.  The trick I've found is to ponder the situation at hand and understand the real difference between the two:
Once we understand the difference between the two, we can start making progress.  

The bigger progress is made when we not only understand and can recognize the difference, but take ACTION when we recognize.  One phrase that has helped me immensely: "Don't sacrifice what is most important for what you want now." and "Make the choice that supports your most important desire."  Oftentimes, what we want "now" will disrupt, delay, or halt our real goal.  It is a continual process of asking yourself, "What do I want more?  Do I want to binge (and feel sick after)?  Or do I want to be a healthier me and accomplish my real goal?".  

This where the empowerment comes in.  I love the feeling of walking away from a situation (food) knowing that in the past I would have thrown all of my internal future goals out the window and eaten whatever I desired at that moment.  What an amazing feeling!!  I can't say that I have mastered this by any means, but I am definitely leaps and bounds closer.  :)   

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