Beauty Redefined

Last night I attended an incredible presentation 
given by Lindsay Kite and Lexie Kite of Beauty Redefined.


It was so in line with what we ALL need.  As I've been on this journey I've really tried to focus on improving my health, rather than being more "pretty" or "skinny" or whatever our society says is beautiful.  I felt beautiful with my more voluptuous curves and am still beautiful now and will always be. 

We all at times (or all the time) struggle to feel beautiful and happy with our bodies no matter our weight or size or success. Sometimes we think that we will feel beautiful when we are "skinny".   Even if you reach "skinny", society will be right there telling you something else is wrong with your body. ...

"You're too tall" "You're too skinny"  "You have no curves" "Your boobs are too big"  "Your boobs are too small"  "You are too white" "You are too black"  "You are too ethnic"  "You have bags under your eyes" "You have cellulite"  "You need a nice tan glow" "Your eyelashes are too thin or short"  "Your hair is too short, thin, light, or dark"  ... The list can and will go on forever.  
We have to shut it out!  

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. now. forever.  
Beauty is independent of how you look.  

It's not about looking amazing.  It is about being amazing.
BE a good person. BE kind.  BE a hard worker.  BE creative.  BE a good teacher.  BE gentle.  BE smart.  BE empathetic.  BE bold.  BE original.  BE quiet.  BE a learner.

As we are working to achieve optimal health, we need to allow ourselves to feel and know we are beautiful now.  You are not working to be beautiful.  You are working to be healthy and take care of your body.    

Be happy now.  
Allow yourself to feel beautiful now.  
Why wait?!  

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