Healthy Habit of the Week: ACTIVITY!

For some that is a dreaded word.  It used to be for me.  As a kid I had asthma and used that as the reason why I couldn't run that dang mile as part of gym.  To this day, I'm not sure if I really couldn't be active as a kid or if I just didn't want to.  Guess we'll never know...  BUT today, I can definitely run that mile and more.
It didn't happen overnight.

My progress
Elementary: I couldn't even run the "long section" of the school yard 
High School:  12.5mile (run/walk)
  • ran my first 3 miles straight!  Started moving and exercising on a semi-regular basis.
  • Discovered Turbo Jam videos :)
  • Ran my first 5k!
  • Found my dream workout....ZUMBA!


  • Set goal to become certified Zumba instructor: Goal accomplished!
  • Ran a 7:45min mile (don't ask me to do that consecutively. lol)
  • Crave a good workout
  • Challenged myself my trying out mountain/road biking... in progress :)  
One thing I discovered while going through this process of progress is I could do things I thought I couldn't do.  It just takes baby steps to get there.  Then you look back and can't believe that YOU are doing this.  It's an incredible feeling.

Soooo... just get up and move.  
Don't worry about the gym.  Don't think you have to lift weights, run, or attend a class with people staring at your butt.  (but believe me...they are not staring)
Just move.
Walk. Garden. Play with your kids. Run. Mow your lawn. Swim. Bike. 
Dance like a crazy person. 
Just move.
Find something that you enjoy doing.  You will find the more you move, the more you will crave.  Your body and mind want and need it and will help you progress.  You will find yourself pushing past limits and setting new ones.  

And remember, You CAN do it! 


Unknown said...

Haha, I'm so happy you included the fear of people staring at your butt in gym classes. :p Thought I was the only paranoid one! ;)
And that's so awesome to go through your checklist of progress. I didn't realize you were a certified Zumba instructor! High five :)

Mallorie H said...

Shannon you are so sweet! haha. Everybody is too busy staring at the instructor trying to figure out the next move...not butt staring time. :) I got certified and I've since let it lapse...but I still sub a class here and there. It keeps me on my toes.