Healthy Habit of the Week: Mindfulness

This week's healthy habit is "Mindfulness" and boy do I need to work on this!  I feel like that past couple weeks I've been spiraling into a pit and crash landed at the bottom last night.  It started with Girls camp and ended with Bear Lake this last weekend.  I went off plan a bit and just couldn't get quite back on.  Then instead of teetering I just plunged off like a crazy person.  No bueno.  I realized that I have made a lot of progress, but still have a ways to go.  I can lose the weight, but I won't be able to keep it off if I can't conquer "Mindfulness".  So, in an effort to get back on track and think about what I am putting in my body I am going to keep a food journal.  To add to this, I am going to keep that journal on here (that means EVERYTHING! the good, the bad, and the ugly!)  Eeek!  Nothin' like public accountability.  BUT, I figure this will definitely make me more mindful! :D  


So, knowing that I'd have to put everything on here helped A LOT!  You can also add some celery sticks with a slice of laughing cow cheese and 15 almonds.  :)  I still need to work on the diet soda.  Soda has been a major weakness of mine my entire life.  There is always progress to be made.  


MF Berry smoothie**MF Blueberry Oatmeal**MF Mac & Cheese**Diet coke**A couple handfuls of mixed nuts (was trying to avoid other cravings and kind of over did it on the nuts)**Diet Root-beer *MF Lemon Meringue bar**Summer squash lasagna (YUM!)**MF brownie**at least 100oz water**diet coke**a few sips of Vitamin Water Zero**Aaaand I did Zumba :)  

The rest of the Week...

Okay, so I didn't keep up on here (life gets busy)...BUT I did track on paper with the mindset that I'd have to be accountable for it all on here.  It SO helped!!  I was not perfect (never am), but I was much more mindful of what was going in my mouth.  Friday night I just wanted my Hershey's chocolate bar and instead just had an extra MF meal (pancake with some extra sugar-free) syrup.  It wasn't perfectly on plan, but it was 10x+ better than giving into the chocolate bar.  Aaaand really, isn't that what it's all about....learning how to make better choices and being in control?!  I feel like I am back on track and rolling towards my goal.  I am down 6.1lbs from last Monday!!  6.1!  This works people!  Track.  Be accountable. 

As one of my amazing clients says...."Onward and Downward!"

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