Say Love

Some questions for you...
How do you talk to your neighbors?
How do you talk to your family? What do you say?
How do you talk to the cashier at the store?
How do you talk to your co-worker? What do you say?
How do you talk to yourself?  What do you say?

We compliment. We smile. We think others are beautiful. We think they are amazing. We think they are great mothers or fathers. We think they are successful.  We think they are this or that...and they are.  
But do you think those things about yourself?  
Do you say those things to yourself?

As you are on this journey of becoming healthier...say love.  Love yourself.  YOU are amazing.  YOU are a great mother or father.  YOU are successful.  YOU are doing this!  right now.    
On those days when you feel like you are failing...or you look in the mirror and you feel sad... please 
say love.  

End of story.  
No matter your size, your weight loss, your weaknesses...or whatever...those doesn't matter.  
What matters is that you keep moving forward and take one more step in the right direction.  
You will feel successful and amazing and beautiful and healthy as you speak love to yourself.

Don't berate yourself.  Build yourself.
Words are Powerful.
They can build and they can break.
Say Love.

"The stroke of the whip maketh marks in the flesh: but the stroke of the tongue breaketh the bones." Ecclesiasticus 28:17

Love you all!

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