The "F" Word. Part 1.

The other day I was driving my amazing young women home from an activity (girls aged 14-16).  We were jammin' out to some sweet tunes, when one of the girls threw down the "F" word.  Yes, the "F" word.  I turned down the music and let them all know that the "F" word should be stricken from their vocabulary.  It does more damage than they will ever know.  It damages them.  It damages those around them.  I told them it was not allowed to be uttered in my presence.  I made them all promise that they would no longer use that wretched word.

Now, just for clarification...the "F" word I am referencing may not be the one you are thinking of.  I am talking about the word "fat".  Thinking back on the story above it all holds true.  I seriously can't stand that word.  It has damaged so many people that I love and hold dear to my heart and yet we all throw it around like it is nothing.  It hurts ourselves, our daughters, our sisters, our friends, ...everyone.  Why?  Because we all tend to equate fat to "ugly" or "not beautiful".

When we sigh and say "ugh, I'm so fat" or "ugh, my legs are fat" or "ugh, I just need to get rid of this fat here or there", we are subconsciously calling ourselves ugly.  Sad, but true... AND when others around us hear those words uttered they automatically compare themselves to you.  Example: A mother says "ugh, I just need to get rid of my fat belly".  Her daughter is there and then realizes that her belly is the same or bigger.  Her daughter now thinks "well, if you are fat, then I must be really fat".  Did that mother mean to call her daughter fat? No.  But now that is ingrained in her daughter's mind.  She now thinks she is fat too.  It goes in all directions.  It's a sad and vicious cycle.  end it.

It breaks my heart that so many beautiful women don't feel beautiful.  They look in the mirror and feel sadness or disgust.  It makes me sad because they ARE beautiful!  Size does not equate to beauty.  It just doesn't.  Curvy or not curvy, beauty is present no matter what!

So now my soapbox (that I am already on... :)   Stop saying the "F" word.  Eliminate it from your vocabulary.  As you do so, your perceptions will change and you will be able to lift yourself and those around you!  It may still run through your mind...but as you stop saying it out loud, your mind will eventually fade it out as well.  Try it.  If not for you, for your daughters and sisters and friends.  It's a toxic word that we can eliminate!  Make it an "F" word in your household.  It will change your life and those in it!  

You are beautiful!  
No matter where you are in your journey, 
Spread the beauty to others.  

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