The "F" Word. Part 2.

Now, I know I have recently been posting a lot about health and losing weight and such.  I want to clarify... I am trying to help people get healthy---not beautiful---they are already beautiful!  Unlike beauty, health is often related to size.  We know this.  There is medical proof of this.  I don't need to convince you of this. We also know our health relates to our physical and mental well-being.  When we take care of our bodies we feel better physically and emotionally.

We all know why the feel better physically...but what about the mental?
I tried an experiment (unintentionally)... I have lost a lot of weight recently and am feeling really good.  I have more energy, my clothes fit better, I feel good (inside and out).  I went off my plan for a week and basically binged (girls camp).  I got home.  I looked in the mirror and didn't like what I saw and didn't like how I felt.  I stepped on the was exactly where it was before.   Why the change?  I physically had not changed, yet I felt and perceived myself as if I had.

I had not taken care of my health that week and my mind knew it.  Your mind is a powerful thing.  It knows what you are doing to yourself.  It knows when you are fueling it with waste or with nutrients.  We need to know that we are worth it!  We are worth being taken care of!  What I am getting at is.... if you take care of yourself, you feel good!  You feel happy!  You know you are taking care of yourself and that you are worth it!  It literally changes how you perceive a great way!

Yes, losing weight does help you to feel better physically... but on the mental/emotional side, you are feeling better because you are letting yourself know you are worth the work to take care of it.  Nothing could change in the mirror, but you will feel better.  You just will.

Fuel yourself physically and emotionally with wholesome nutrients.  Eat healthy and talk healthy.  

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