Cannonball In!

Welp, my 6 week health challenge is wrapping up!  Reflecting back, I was asking myself why I was finally able to get back in the groove this time around and here is one reason for sure! ...

I jumped back in cannonball style!  I feel like that's what you have to do when it comes to health.  You can't just put your toes in the water...ya just gotta jump in without hesitation.  Let's face it, it's uncomfortable at first.  If you let yourself have the chance to pull back, it's likely that you will.  However, if you've jumped in -- it's a little hard mid-air to change your mind.  haha.  You have no choice but to swim!!

I feel like we let the discomforts of doing something "hard" or "scary" stop us from making progress and accomplishing our goals.  Or we let the fear of failing hold us back.  As the wise people say, anything worth doing isn't going to be easy (or something along those lines. right?)  You have to work for it!  You have to exercise control!  And, some days it is going to be hard.  Some days you will fall...but you get back up!

Don't let the fear hold you back.  
Don't let discomfort hold you back.  
Jump in, feel the discomfort of a cold-at-first pool, and then enjoy it!
Enjoy the feeling of success!

I jumped in and now 6 weeks later, I'm well on my way to my goal.  I've lost 15 lbs, inches that I haven't measured (but can feel), and most importantly 
I FEEL GOOD!  (inside and out)

So, my challenge to you...
cannonball in to whatever you've been holding back on doing!
I promise you'll swim!

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