Healthy Eating "Hacks"

Okay, so not really hacks... but tricks to make eating healthy that much easier (and probably save yourself some $$ too!)

Story of my life is being hungry and ready to eat dinner, opening my fridge, and staring at the dark abyss that is my fridge.  It's like if I stare long enough some glorious food that I want to eat will appear.  Once I come to the realization that I don't have anything ready to eat, I grab something easy to make or snack on...which most often isn't that amazing or good for me.  Sound familiar?  (aka Little Caesars Pizza. bleh)

Soooo.... as I've gotten back in the groove thang of taking care of this amazing body I've been blessed with, I've come up with a few things that have helped me to stay on track in the healthy eating realm of things.  I am being oh so kind and choosing to share them with you!  (*wink face*)

1 - Plan, Plan, PLAN!

Honestly the biggest thing to make life easier to eat better is to plan ahead.  Once a week figure out a few meals that you are going to make that week, go shopping for the ingredients, and make them throughout the week.

2 - Have a few "go-to" meals
There are those meals that are easy or easy to keep the ingredients on hand.  For me.... taco soup, spaghetti squash spaghetti, BBQ chicken with some mock mashed potatoes and green beans, and cream of cauliflower soup.  There's a few more, but I think you get the idea.  Ideal go-to meals have ingredients that have a pretty good storage life either in the freezer or on the shelf.  So figure out some easy, healthy, go-to meals for yourself.

3 - When you do plan...think ahead for when you do fail to plan!
Sometimes (or all the time) we forget to plan or don't have time this week to go shopping or whatever other "life-ness" that gets in our way.  So, think ahead in those moments where you go shopping.  Get what you need for that week, but also grab a few things that match up to those "go-to" meals that you love.  For me, spaghetti squash, cauliflower, chicken, and turkey burger are those items.  We also have a some food storage of canned items (like beans, stewed/diced tomates, broths, green beans, etc).  Those are a few ingredients that I make it so I can quickly and easily knock out a meal with very little planning.

These three "hacks" help us to eat healthier & save the moola!  It keeps us from just muching on whatever (which ideally you just don't keep in the house) or going and grabbing a crappy pizza or yummy/expensive (insert yummy food place).

P.S.  You'll notice I mainly focused on dinner meals.  You can apply the same rules to breakfast, lunch, and healthy snacks.  I don't really have to worry about those as much since I am currently using my yummy (SUPER EASY) meal replacements -- that's a hack for another day :)

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