It's Time!

Guys & Gals!  I've been on plan now for 3.5 months!  Go me! haha.  I'm down 23 lbs. (can I get a woot woot!) and feeling great!  BUT I've still got some healthy habits to work on.  The two biggies that I haven't quite addressed has been my activity level and my diet coke addiction (yes, I'm definitely an addict).

SOOOO... It's time.  It's time to challenge myself some more.

And this is where you all come in...I need accountability.

Now that I've got my nutrition and binging under control, I'm ready to commit to take on getting back into my groove of working out.  Literally.  Exercise doesn't have to just be running (which is totally great if that is your groove).  My groove preference is definitely Zumba -- SO FUN!  But I digress... I'm taking on my activity (which in turn ends up helping the lovely coke addiction because, well, I feel like poop when I workout and drink soda.)  May is going to be my month for getting back my Zumba groove thang!  Why am I telling you?  Honestly, because in some weird way I feel a sense of accountability.  :)  And for me, accountability is so key to my success.

My goal:  

(scary to put it out there because it means I have to do it...which I guess is the point, right?! ha!)

  • Workout 15 days during the month of May
    • This can be a variety of things...
      • Videos - Bring on the classics!  TurboJam, ChaleneExtreme, HipHop Abs (oh yeah!)
      • YouTube - did you know there are a ton of amazing FREE! workouts on YouTube?!  I love creating my own workout playlists with Zumba/Dance choreography or toning videos.  Great stuff!
      • Running - gonna get out and run with the little man
    • Basically I just need to get my butt movin!!
Welp, I put it out there!!  
I've procrastinated enough!  

I'll be updating this post throughout May with what I actually do along the way.  
(Again, accountability! ha!)  

If you wanna join in on the accountability your goals and update it in the comments!

Aaaand, that's it.  

I'm ready!
Let's do this!

Day 1 - Treadmill & 5 min abs :)
Day 2 - 1 Hr. bike ride & 3 min abs
Day 3 - Treadmill & 6 min abs
Day 4 - Treadmill (1 mi) & 5 min abs
Day 5 - Dance Fitness with Sarah Placencia & 5 min abs
Day 6 - 5 min abs & 5 min legs
Day 7 - 15 min yoga & 3 min abs
Day 8 - Hiked to the amazing Timpanogos Cave
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Day 12
Day 13
Day 14
Day 15

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