Babywearing: DIY Ring Sling

(Original Post Date: January 21, 2015)
Sooo...I've found a new love (or addiction).  
So, I'll be honest...I've probably unleashed a monster that was growing in me.  haha.  I got connected with a DIY babywearing Facebook group and the ideas began to flow.  So after hours of nursing and purusing tutorials and beautiful pieces others did, I decided to give one a go on my own!  I decided to start with a ring sling and I am LOVING it.

Okay, the deets...  First off I had to pick out my fabric.  There are some things to consider (both for comfort and for baby saftey).  Again, lots of info on the babywearing group.  I found mine in the home goods section at Joanns.  The fabric can feel stiff and scratchy, so you'll have to wash it and break it in some.  I bought 2.3 yards (I would have done a bit more, but that was all that was left of this pattern and I had fallen in love with it and wanted to make it work).

For the rings...again, safety is uber important.  You want rings that are rated for babywearing and tested.  Most everybody uses  They are high quality and super affordable!  (I used the large aluminum ones)

For the actual cutting and sewing I used Jan's tutorial.  She is super easy to follow.  I'm saying this as a very novice sewer... I'm pretty sure anybody can do this!  I was able to do pleats!!  (p.s. not as hard as they look...though I still impressed myself.  haha)

And here are the results!

There are lots of options for fabric, colors of rings, and even shoulder styles.  Hence, the monster coming out... I want more!  haha.  My next project in the works is a DIY ombre dyed wrap!  Wish me luck!

p.s. I wrote this entire post with him in the sling!  Oh the things I'm gonna get done!! Yay me!

Oh! aaaand... 
So many reasons to wear your little ones! 

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