Aaaaand We're Live!!

Can I get a woot woot?!  I mean really!  I'm such a perfectionist with this type of stuff.  So for me to finally call it "good enough to launch" is a pretty big deal in my book!

So, why "True to You"?  Well, if any of y'all followed my previous blog, "Fit n' in the Pink", it was mainly focused on my health coaching and all that jazz.  BUT that's not all that I'm passionate about!  That's not all of me.  I wanted to be able to share my mommyhood with you, my sewing adventures that make me feel accomplished, my testimony of the amazing gospel, babywearing, cooking, life, humor, (you get the idea...) and much much more!!  SO began a journey of figuring out what to do...  I came up with True to You.

I fell in love immediately.  One of the big things that I'm very vocal about is loving yourself and being you!  Being True to You!  There are things we can do to better ourselves, to stretch ourselves, but in the all needs to be true to who we really are.  So now I have a platform to share things that are true to me (that might be true to you!).  Awesome, right?!  (But don't worry, everything from "Fit n' in the Pink" is here aaaaalong with a ton of other awesome-ness!)

NOW what to do?!  GO and subscribe ---> so you can be all up to date on all of the True to You happenings.  THEN check out what is here already!  (I've got some awesome healthy recipes for you!)

One last thing!!  I want to put together a "Confessions of a Mommy" series.  If you'd love to contribute you can do it in a couple ways...  submit it through my "contact me" page or you can fill out this survey.

Anywho, sit n' stay a while.

Love ya!

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