KAMsnaps® How to

Have you heard of KAMsnaps®?  If you are a cloth diapering mama, you most definitely have!  BUT if you're not (like me), ya might be missing out on this awesome-ness...especially if you want a removable hood on your baby carrier!

KAMsnaps® can be used on a variety of stuff (clothing bibs, towels, crafts, crib rail covers for your little woodchucks, etc.)-- but I have most recently used them to attach a hood to a babycarrier I made for a friend (it's seriously one of my favorites!).  Anywho, they are super easy to use and really not too expensive to get started with ($20ish) on Amazon prime.  I thought I'd put together a quick and easy tutorial for those not as familiar....

This was the starter kit I got and I've been pretty dang happy with it.  It was a couple dollars extra to come with the organizer, but I thought that was worth it. It had a good variety of colors along with the pliers and other little tools that make it easier to use along with the box to keep it all in one place.  
There are add-on bundles if you want more snaps. 

Flathead screwdriver to swap out the different size attachments on the pliers and a (super sharp) awl needle to make life easier to get your cap prong through your fabric you are attaching to
And the cute little organizer that came with it with all the different snap colors
Top: Caps
Bottom Left: male stud, Bottom right: female socket
Use the awle to put a "pre-hole" through the fabric.  
Push the cap prong through the hole and place the male (or female in this image) piece of top of the fabric with the prong going through the hole

Position the pliers over the snaps (in this image I have the cap on bottom and the female socket on top)
and press until it can't go any further
And voila!
(this is the female side...the male side follows the same exact process)

And here's the results of my snaps on attaching it to my Little Pick Me Up baby carrier.  You'll want to put the female socket on the carrier and the male stud on the hood.  This way if you don't have the hood attached, it's less obtrusive in sticking into your little one while you are wearing him/her.

In the example below, I attached the hood so that it was snapped in from the inside of the carrier.  This way it is less likely to be unsnapped unintentionally.

Pret-ty nifty if I do say so myself!

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