Glorious Babywearing

I don't know that I can adequately put into words how much I love babywearing.  Cuddles, happy baby, two free hands, ...what more could you ask for?  I mean, really?  

Anywho, there are a few different ways to go: 

Ring Sling

I loved the ring sling when my little guy was smaller.  It was so easy to get him in and out of it.  It was perfect for my quick trips to the store or even around the house.  I loved the serious snuggles I got with the ring sling.  As he got heavier, it wasn't quite as comfortable, but was still doable.

Well.  I loved wrapping...especially when Little Mr. was still a little squish!  The cuddles I'd get!  LOVED IT (and so did he)!  He'd pass out cold while I was moving around, picking up, doing the dishes, (blogging), or other random thing that helped me feel productive as a new mom.  I still haven't been blessed with trying a legit handwoven wrap.  I hear they are heavenly and I hope to get to have one when number 2 comes along :)  I'll keep ya posted.

Soft Structured Carrier (or SSC)

I'll be honest.  This has been by far my favorite.  Once my little man got to be about 4-5 months, we pretty much rocked an SSC from there on out.  This is totally personal preference.  I know that may change once I get my hands on a handwoven :)  In the meantime, though.  I loved how easy it was to put on and get him into it.  I LOOOVED that I could do backcarries -- enter whole new world of productive-ness.  Booyah!  (p.s. you can do back carries with a wrap too, I just never really perfected that art).  I will say, this is one where the investment is well worth it.  There are more budget friendly cheaper carriers out there in the $30 range, but many don't find them great for extended wear and find them painful over time.  Below are a few of the big players in the SSC world that I would recommend checking out at your local babywearing library to try...

Little Pick Me Up
Words can't really describe how much I love this carrier.  It was a total game changer!!  It's pretty similar to a Tula, but what is better than someone complimenting it and you proudly being able to say you made it?!  Yup, this one is unique to me! You are able to buy a great pattern from Sew Toot and create your own personalized carrier for muuuuch less that buying any carrier worth buying.  I do warn you, though, this one can easily take you down a rabbit hole of creating many many carriers :)  I've now lost count of how many carriers I've made.  They make a perfect gift -- meaningful, unique, and so enabling for new mammas.

Tula's are beautiful carriers with a variety of patterns.  They are simple and comfy.  I love seeing a "Tula in the Wild".  Many people become attached to different prints and will "collect" them.

I really liked my Lillebaby.  It was super versatile (front carry facing me, front carry facing out, back carry, hip carry, able to cross straps, I said -- lots of options).  This was a great first official carrier because I could try the different positions and figure out what my body liked or didn't like.  Little mister pretty much liked being carried and didn't care otherwise.

I personally haven't used an Ergo, but I know many who are a huge fan!  They are a bit more affordable than the Lillebaby and Tula, but still have the same comfort and durability.
As you can see, there are A LOT of options out there (and even more that I didn't even mention).  I encourage you to connect with your local babywearing group and see if they have a carrier library.  This way you can "checkout" different carriers and see what works for you.  Unless you have a plentiful amount of money to buy/make all of the above.  If that is the case, I highly encourage you to buy me one :)  Anywho, I hope this has been of some help!  If it hasn't, please contact me or comment below with your questions/concerns/compliments/etc.  

Good Luck!

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