Sewing Adventures

I am in no way claim to be a professional sewer, but I've taught myself a few things over the years.  It all started with a little nesting while I was pregnant aaaaand just never stopped.  lol.  I love the challenge of sewing and the accomplishment of being able to say "Yeah, I made it" and then the shock and wonder that follows.  I'd say I'm joking, but I'm not.  I'm totally prideful when it comes to my sewing.  :)  But I also LOVE to share it with others!  So read on for some ideas of your own!  Some are my own and others are patterns that I've used and love.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!!
Love ya!

DIY Tie Face Mask

DIY Babywearing

Ring Sling (beginner/intermediate)

Osnaburg Wrap (beginner)

Little Pick Me Up (intermediate - but if you can follow instructions, you'll probably be just fine!)
This is a pattern for a soft-structured carrier.  Sew Toot's pattern is awesome!  I'd never sewn anything like this before and able to nail it because it was had such detailed instructions.  Totally worth it!  (I warn you , though, you won't stop at one.  You'll want to make them for gifts!  And then you'll want to make bigger sizes as your little ones get bigger).

Barefoot BuckleBu (intermediate - but if you can follow instructions, you'll probably be just fine!)
This is similar to a soft-structured carrier, but doesn't have the waist buckle.  It's not as supportive, but is nice for a quick up n' carry.  Since it doesn't have the waistband, like the Little Pick Me Up, it is an easier sew :)  (and you don't get the muffin top from the waistband either. haha)

Other Fun Baby Stuff

DIY Swing (coming soon)
Blanket (coming soon)
Tag Blanket (coming soon)


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

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